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For several years, RAF has been preparing for the rapid expansion of the solid state lighting market.  LED efficacy and luminous flux density performance figures have improved and continue to improve.  In principle, LEDs are no longer limited to indicator lamps.  The key performance parameters of LEDs have progressed to the point of enabling useful light sources.   LED emitters, however, are radically different than the common filament lamps.  Successful LED SSL product design requires a  fundamentally new system approach that embraces:

·        Accurate and pleasing color rendering - chromaticity
·        Electrical drive topology
·        Thermal management
·        Mechanical constraints
·        Optical properties and intensity distributions

 Additionally, from a business perspective, the large attractive general lighting markets must be approached using a series of substantial niche market stepping stones.  Such stepping stones should contain a persuasive value proposition allowing a higher initial cost per lumen figure than the general lighting market can currently tolerate.

RAF has chosen SSL theater lighting, specifically LED SSL ellipsoidal instruments, as such a stepping stone.  These LED ellipsoidal designs rely on the demonstrated RAF expertise in etendue-based optical designs utilizing a proprietary, patent pending, combination of nonimaging optics and imaging optics.

Such solid state lighting luminaires deliver full brightness with a 4 X power consumption reduction.  This not only reduces the initial power consumption of the instrument, but also leverages a reduction of the air conditioning load in the typical theatrical venue.